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Clinical Psychologist Counselor (SOLS Health) Job ID: BLH8SNK

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Published by in Malaysia · 15 July 2019
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🌐SOLS Health:
To undertake and evaluate specialized psychological assessment and/or assessment treatments and other types of clinical intervention with individual service users, caregivers, families, groups of service users, etc.; staff training; research and development activity. To work independently on a day-to-day basis under supervision and subject to review at regular intervals, in accordance towards membership with Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology (MSCP) and licensing with the Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia guidelines.
  • To undertake and meet the requirements of a structured program of learning including personal study, academic work, research, placement learning and assessment leading to the award of the Masters in Clinical Psychology or Masters in Counseling.
  • Carry a clinical case load nd practice within the scope of professional practice to clinical discipline
  • Carries out complex psychological assessments (applicable to clinical psychologist intern) sensitively and independently with a broad range of client groups including individual psychometric testing sessions.
  • Plans and implements individualized formulation-driven psychological intervention, evidence-based, empathically, sensitively with a broad range of clients
  • Formulates the nature, causes and maintaining factors of highly distressing psychological difficulties and presentations informed by a broad range of potentially conflicting clinical, theoretical and conceptual models, the empirical, experimental and clinical literature base and the results of assessment.
  • Communicates such formulations professionally, sensitively and diplomatically frequently in an emotive atmosphere to service users, relatives, caregivers and other healthcare professionals relevant to the case.
  • Is required to travel to placements across a large geographical area and visits a range of settings on placement, including home visits; ability to drive is desirable.
  • To ensure self-development, maintenance and dissemination of the highest professional standards of practice, through active participation in internal and external continuing professional development (CPD) training and development programs.

  • To undertake structured interviews, psychological assessments and observations of individuals and groups.
  • To assist in the development of psychological formulations of clinical problems and the development and delivery of treatment plans, which include psychological treatment and/or management of service clients’ problems.
  • To determine appropriate psychological intervention, taking into account a range of potentialconflicting clinical information and dynamics.
  • To carry out psychological and psychometric tests accurately, and to develop interview and observation skills, to assess needs and eligibility for services.
  • To design, implement and modify as appropriate, individualized psychological interventions with service users, caregivers, families, groups etc.
  • To communicate confidential and personal information concerning ability level and psychological needs, obtained through assessments and interventions, to referring agents and to the client themselves, who may have limited understanding and difficulties with acceptance, and where appropriate to relatives and caregivers.
  • To assist in the coordination and running of therapeutic groups or community programs.
  • To provide emotional support for service users, their caregivers and families.
  • To keep appropriate records of work and inform referrers and relevant others through letters or reports.
  • To work as a member of a multi-disciplinary team.
  • To follow a person-focused and evidence-based approach.
  • To work in accordance with University requirements and placement providers’ policies and regulations, as well as those of relevant professional and regulatory bodies.
  • To work in a variety of settings including the client’s own home, in-patient, residential and day centerfacilities.
  • To work in a highly emotive atmosphere, frequently encountering highly distressing problems and circumstances, and maintain a high degree of professionalism at all times.
  • To work in situations where there are barriers to acceptance and possible exposure to aggression.
  • To receive regular clinical supervision not limited to individual, peer and group supervision in accordance with the placement provider guidelines and criteria, University procedures, and other regulatory bodies requirement.

  • To follow the advice and policies of the placement provider, including knowledge, awareness of, and compliance with the legal framework relevant to the placement and client group.
  • To be familiar with and abide by confidentiality and information handling and storage guidelines of the placement provider, the University and regulatory bodies.
  • To participate in regular developmental reviews with the Clinical Supervisor or his/her representative, identifying CPD needs, agreeing objectives, identifying training needs and formulating a personal plan.
  • To co-operate in the use of rooms, books, tests and other equipment needed to carry out duties.
  • To attend and participate in administrative and service planning meetings, as determined by the clinical supervisor(s).
  • To practice and conduct themselves in accordance with the University codes of ethics, performance and regulations of i.e. Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology (MSCP) and Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia.

Community Responsibilities
  • Facilitates process-based and psycho educational groups
  • Works with all clients in the outpatient community as needed, including crisis de-escalation and conflict resolution
  • Participates in team meetings and collaborates with the team to strengthen and maintain quality service provision
  • Respect, sensitivity, cultural awareness is evident in interpersonal relationships
  • Acknowledge cultural differences by respecting spiritual beliefs, cultural practices and lifestyle choices

Who Can Apply:
  • Current active member/in the process of applying for membership or licensed from professional regulatory bodies such as but not limited to American Psychological Association (APA), British Psychological Society (BPS), Australian Psychology Society (APS), Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology (MSCP), Board of Counsellor Malaysia, Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Malaysia (AMFTM), Malaysian Association of Social Workers (MASW), National Association of Social Worker (NASW), etc.


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