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Clinical Instructor (Tung Shin Hospital) Job ID: BLH8YHB

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Published by in Malaysia · 4 May 2020
Tags: ClinicalInstructor(TungShinHospital)JobID:BLH8YHB
🌐Tung Shin Hospital:

Tung Shin Hospital, previously known as Pooi Shin Thong, was founded in 1881 by Kapitan Cina Yap Kwan Seng, and located at Sultan Street, Kuala Lumpur. Initially, it merely provided traditional medical care for patients.
In 1894 it was converted into a non-profit organization and its name was changed to Tung Shin Hospital. The hospital was then shifted to the present address. A new single story ward was built in 1917. It was rebuilt in 1959 into a double storey, U-shape medical ward and completed in 1961. It was built and named the Welfare Ward and has since become the Chinese medical ward was built and named Loke Yim Ward. In 1963 it was rebuilt into a double-storey Female Ward which was completed a year later.
Har Par Building was built as a hall in 1935, it was converted into Chinese medical out-patient clinic, office, hostel and western specialist center. Presently become library of Chinese Medical Department and activities center for staff Sport and Recreation Club.

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Assist lecturers / tutors in clinical skills demonstrations
  • Supervise and guide students during clinical practice sessions and in the clinical areas.
  • Prepare weekly report for clinical posting, absenteeism report, clinical evaluation.
  • Prepare non-performance report and anecdotal report for unperformed students.
  • Guide students in doing case study, running assessments and do marking.
  • Compile all assessment marks in the clinical and pass to the lecturer incharge the group.
  • Maintain and make sure students achieve targets for log book.
  • Help Coordinator to prepare OSCE stations and be the OSCE examiner in OSCE examination.
  • Monitor student closely in performing procedures in the clinical and guide the student to do correct procedures.
  • Participate in education fair and college activities to improve student enrolment.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal.

  • A licensed and Registered Nurse.
  • Possess current Annual Practicing (APC) for nurses.
  • Has a minimum of five (5) years clinical working experience in hospital setting
  • Possess post basic qualification(s).
  • Has at least three (3) months of clinical attachment coordinated by the current employer if the appointed CI has not been in practice for a year and above

Interested candidates are invited to submit a copy of your resume to or contact +603-2030 2636 for further inquiries.


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